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We help awesome companies succeed with Node.js

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Why work with RisingStack?

RisingStack enables amazing companies to succeed with Node.js and related technologies to stay ahead of the competition. RisingStack provides professional Node.js development and consulting services from the early days of Node, and helps companies like Lufthansa or Cisco to thrive with this technology.

We believe in using the best tool for the job - if it is not Node.js for your use-case, we will let you know.

RisingStack can help you with:

  • Digital Transformation Projects
  • Architectural Consulting
  • Training and Education
  • Outsourced Development
  • Co-development

Technologies we work with:

  • Node.js
  • Containers & Cloud
    • Microservices
    • Docker
    • Kubernetes
    • Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, OpenShift
  • React

Our approach to Node.js Development & Consulting

At RisingStack, agility is one of our core values. We can take ownership of projects. However, we prefer doing co-development to make sure that we are not just delivering solutions but also empower development teams to do the same.

Giving product demos are a great way of showing how a project progresses. That's the reason why we love doing product demos at the and of each iteration or sprint.

Node.js events organized
readers learn from us monthly
open source projects

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"RisingStack helped our team jumpstart an internal project using Node.js. Our team consists mostly of Java programmers who only had experience with more "traditional" web development environments. They helped us get started with a solid project structure and pointed us in the right direction regarding all the best practices. It's hard to imagine how many hours of trial and error that we saved by getting their expert advice!" - Tracy Dalzell, IT Director

About RisingStack

RisingStack was started in 2014 to address the need for a company who understands and can help enterprise companies thrive with Node.js. Our founders, Gergely Nemeth and Peter Marton, are prolific authors and thought leaders in the Node.js community, and regular speakers at international conferences.

All members of our engineering team have years of experience in developing and running Node.js application is production.

RisingStack is part of the Node.js Foundation

The Node.js Foundation's mission is to enable widespread adoption and help accelerate development of Node.js and other related modules through an open governance model that encourages participation, technical contribution, and a framework for long term stewardship by an ecosystem invested in Node.js' success.

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