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Node.js Monitoring, Alerting and Reliability 101

A detailed guide for building and monitoring reliable Node.js applications.

Here is what you will learn in this book:
  • Understanding and Measuring Reliability
  • Monitoring Basics
  • Techniques to Build Reliable Systems
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Everything you need to build and scale up a Node app properly.

Here is what you will learn in this book:
  • Advanced Project Structuring
  • Writing Clean JavaScript Code
  • Async tools, Techniques and Best Practices
  • Event Sourcing and CQRS
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Node.js at Scale, Vol. II - Node.js Under the Hood

Learn the how the internals of Node.js work.

Here is what you will learn:
  • How the Event Loop works
  • Microtasks and Macrotasks
  • How Garbage Collection works
  • How to create Native Modules
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Node.js at Scale, Vol. I - Learn using npm

Learn using npm in an advanced way to save time with Node.js development on a daily basis.

Here is what you will learn in this book:
  • npm tips and best practices
  • semantic versioning and module publishing
  • how the Node.js module system & CommonJS works
  • what does require do under the hood
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Node Hero - Getting Started With Node.js

Get started with Node.js and deliver software products using it.

Here is what you will learn in this book:
  • What Node.js is
  • How to build your first Node.js server
  • How to structure your project
  • How to debug Node.js
  • How to deploy and monitor Node.js
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Node.js is Enterprise Ready

Find out how Node.js can solve common challenges in engineering teams and how to enable Node.js on an enterprise environment to ship better products faster.

Here is what you will learn in this book:
  • What Node.js is
  • The benefits of using Node.js
  • Successful adoptions in the Enterprise
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The Node.js Maturity Checklist

A list to understand how well Node.js is adopted in your company.

Learn what you should achieve in the following areas:
  • Your company
  • Your employees
  • Your infrastructure
  • Your code and application
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The Shortcut to Learn Node.js Foundations Faster

Here is what you will learn during this course:
  • Understanding Async in-and-out
  • Using Databases with Node.js
  • Setting up a Server with Express
  • Starting and Structuring Apps
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Video Tutorial: Learn Debugging, Async, Profiling

Learn the basics of Node.js with this 3-part video tutorial series.

Here is what you will learn:
  • Debugging your Node.js applications by using the built-in debug module.
  • Understanding how asynchronous programming works in Node.js
  • Using the async module to build high-performing applications.
  • Creating CPU profiles and Memory Heapdumps, and analizing them.
  • Detecting memory leaks and bottlenecks easily.
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