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    Node.js Monitoring - Trace by RisingStack

    Error detection, debugging, performance monitoring and distributed tracing across your services.
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    JavaScript and Node.js Consulting

    RisingStack provides help in the full lifecycle of JavaScript applications: design, development, code-reviews, deployment and maintenance.

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Our founders

  • Gergely Nemeth

    Gergely Nemeth

    Open-source advocate, organizing meetups

    Gergely is one the co-founders of RisingStack. He loves contributing to open-source projects like node-restify, and lately he is into DevOps as well, not just Node.js.

    Microservices, well-designed systems and cycling make Gergely happy.

  • Peter Marton

    Peter Marton

    Architect, brewing beer with Node.js

    Peter co-founded RisingStack. He previously worked in enterprise IT (doing Java) - but a startup changed everything. After starting Tagmint, Peter fell in love with Node.js and NoSQL. He enjoys doing front-end as well, either with AngularJS or React in an isomorphic way.

    He brews his own beer with RapsberryPI or SparkCore in his free time (yes, he loves Internet of Things).

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