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We’ve been using Kubernetes since its inception to orchestrate highly available distributed systems. Our engineers can help you tackle its steep learning curve, whether you run it on AWS, Google Cloud or Azure.

kubernetes consulting services

Why Kubernetes Consulting?

Kubernetes is an open-source system for automating deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications. It is designed to provide the flexibility and scalability needed to run applications in production environments. Kubernetes consulting services from RisingStack can help organizations tackle the steep learning curve of Kubernetes and ensure they are able to get the most out of their investment.

Our Kubernetes consulting service is recommended for companies who plan the adoption of Kubernetes but lack the necessary experience to do so.

We’re also advising companies who need to learn best-practices, master Kubernetes security and overcome scaling or availability issues. Our consultants have experience with all the major cloud providers: AWS, Google Cloud, Azure & DigitalOcean.

Kubernetes Consulting Projects usually take one or two weeks of real-time collaboration when we work closely with your team, but you can book RisingStack’s experienced team for a certain amount of hours / month as well and reach out to them when their expertise is needed.

Why we use Kubernetes and when do we recommend it?

It is not enough to develop features fast, but we need to deploy them just as quickly and maintain stability in the meantime. Container technologies such as Docker have revolutionized the way we ship server applications as they provide a lightweight solution to bundle them isolated, yet highly portable packages. But shipping on it’s own is not enough for success, we still need to manage the deployments which is especially difficult when we work with a fast changing distributed environment such as a microservice system. To tackle the challenges these system present our go to solution is Kubernetes.

Kubernetes is a portable, extensible open-source platform for managing containerized workloads and services, that facilitates both declarative configuration and automation. It has a large, rapidly growing ecosystem. Kubernetes services, support, and tools are widely available.

When our clients ask us to create a highly available distributed system, we usually recommend Kubernetes, because it's easy to use and even though it has a steep initial learning curve, it's still a lot more feature rich compared to other competing orchestration engines, and its vast ecosystem further enhances its flexibility.

Kubernetes is the most versatile container orchestration platform when it comes to cloud native applications, but it loses its edge in private cloud. In a situation like this, we recommend Docker Swarm or AWS ECS instead.

Clients said about us

Patrick Flanagan profile picture

RisingStack has been a great partner for us in carrying out various software development and integrations projects. They are deeply knowledgeable, flexible and reliable. They work hard to make sure that the relationship stays strong by soliciting feedback and communicating regularly.

Patrick Flanagan profile picture

Patrick Flanagan,
COO at Administrate

Reinis Vicups profile picture

RisingStack helped us to carry out an internal Kubernetes cluster audit for TIKI's Data Science Platform. Together, the mixed team was able to identify over 10 relevant topics and was able to solve most of them during the five day on-site engagement. After the intense work and exchange, the team was able to solve the remaining topics within next 8 weeks. At the present time DSP runs smoothly and there are no design or performance bottlenecks.

Reinis Vicups profile picture

Reinis Vicups,
CTO of Technologisches Institut für angewandte künstliche Intelligenz

Carlos Justiniano profile picture

It’s easy to believe you know enough about microservices to get started. However, the subject is both complex and broad. To better navigate the challenges I attended RisingStack’s comprehensive course on microservices in LA. I highly recommend it!

Carlos Justiniano profile picture

Carlos Justiniano,
Chief Architect at Flywheel Sports

Gábor Nádai profile picture

We've worked many times with Risingstack and we've achieved success every time. Their professional team has a very deep knowledge of Node.js and Kubernetes among many other technologies. Both consulting, developing and training sessions covered exactly what we needed, delivered on time. Experienced exceptional communication skills, flexibility and a customer-first mindset make them an awesome partner to work with.

Gábor Nádai profile picture

Gábor Nádai,
Head of Engineering at Ingatlan.com

Adrian Pironescu profile picture

RisingStack has provided a series of trainings targeted at enhancing our developers' skills and confidence regarding Node.js and Microservices. The training programme had a well-thought-out syllabus and was very well organized. The instructors were very experienced and knowledgeable regarding full-stack development. The workshops had a lot of real-world examples and advice which made our developers feel the usefulness of the training. Overall a high quality training that fulfilled all our objectives.

Adrian Pironescu profile picture

Adrian Pironescu,
Development Lead at Endava

Melina Parisi profile picture

Working with RisingStack has been a great experience so far, they are group of professionals and experts in the field. The thing we liked the most is that they adapt the training to all the different levels in the room and this makes it very easy to follow the new concepts they are presenting. Advanced React training was pretty good and one thing we will highlight, is that they published the repository in case somebody would need it in the future.

Melina Parisi profile picture

Melina Parisi,
Head of Talents & Culture at trivago Palma office

Gábor Koncz profile picture

When it comes to microservices and scaling a distributed system, the company we reach out to is RisingStack. Their DevOps experts could validate existing plans and make technology decisions that our team can confidently depend on. I highly recommend attending their Kubernetes and microservices trainings as well.

Gábor Koncz profile picture

Gábor Koncz,
CEO and Founder at Automizy

Software Architecture Team profile picture

During RisingStack's microservices training and subsequent Node.js audit mission, we felt well listened to, and we got the opportunity to present all of our questions and ideas. The presenters were knowledgeable of the subject and supported us in the creation of relevant technical tasks that we could easily integrate into our backlogs.

Software Architecture Team profile picture

Software Architecture Team,

Santi Herrero profile picture

I have gained more appreciation for the Microservices course after reviewing the slides a few days after. To me, this means that I wasn't able to keep up with all the useful information that was provided due to the speed of the training (might be my fault). Thanks for putting together such a course and bringing it to Barcelona, it is obvious that this could only come from a group of people who have faced these challenges many times before.

Santi Herrero profile picture

Santi Herrero,
Co-founder & CTO of EdPuzzle

Marton Csikos profile picture

At Instructure we're building Canvas, the world's leading LMS system which is used by half of the world's top 50 Universities. We engaged 4 developers from RisingStack to build a critical core functionality in our distributed system. Besides delivering high-quality code, RisingStack helped us train new staff, carried out code-reviews and made suggestions on improving our infrastructure.

Marton Csikos profile picture

Marton Csikos,
Director of Engineering, Canvas / Instructure

Tracy Dalzell profile picture

RisingStack helped our team jumpstart an internal project using Node.js. Our team consists mostly of Java programmers who only had experience with more traditional web development environments. They helped us get started with a solid project structure and pointed us in the right direction regarding all the best practices. It's hard to imagine how many hours of trial and error that we saved by getting their expert advice!

Tracy Dalzell profile picture

Tracy Dalzell,
IT Director

Deepal Jayasekara profile picture

I work with a bunch of Node.js microservices that run on Docker, and the knowledge gained from the workshop helped me a lot to understand what I can improve in our infrastructure in many ways.

Deepal Jayasekara profile picture

Deepal Jayasekara,
Node.js Developer at 1&1 IONOS Cloud GmbH

Benefits of Kubernetes

Kubernetes is a versatile platform that can be used for many different purposes, from digital transformation to resource efficiency. It allows organizations to run multiple containers on a single network storage system, and it supports major cloud platforms such as AWS and Google Cloud Platform. In addition, Kubernetes provides powerful configuration management tools that make it easy to manage complex applications and keep them running smoothly.

At RisingStack, we are dedicated to helping businesses get the most out of their kubernetes implementation. Our team of experienced professionals will assess your existing infrastructure and develop a tailored solution that meets your specific needs. We will provide you with the guidance and expertise you need to ensure your applications are always running optimally.

Kubernetes adoption can provide the following benefits:

Improved Scalability: With Kubernetes, you can easily scale up or down as needed without having to worry about manual configuration. This allows you to quickly respond to changing demands and ensure your applications are always running optimally.

Automated Deployment: Kubernetes automates the process of deploying applications, making it easier for developers to quickly deploy new features and updates without having to manually configure each step.

Cost Savings: By leveraging Kubernetes' automation capabilities, businesses can save time and money by eliminating manual processes and reducing hardware costs associated with traditional infrastructure solutions.

We strive to provide our clients with the best possible service so they can get the most out of their cloud infrastructure. We understand how important it is for businesses to stay ahead of the competition and make sure their applications are always running optimally. With our expertise in Kubernetes consulting services, we will help you maximize your cloud performance while saving time and money in the process.

RisingStack and Kubernetes

At RisingStack we started using Kubernetes even before its 1.0 version got released, and we’ve built several products for our clients using it, as well as our own microservices monitoring developer tool called Trace.

As Kubernetes is becoming the de-facto standard for running microservices infrastructures in the cloud, the majority of our Microservices projects involved tasks for either migrating to Kubernetes or helping our clients with scaling Kubernetes applications.

Kubernetes Training

We offer comprehensive services to help organizations get the most out of their Kubernetes deployments. Our team of experienced consultants have been trained in the best practices of Kubernetes and can provide tailored advice on how to make use of its power.

  • Our consulting services include:
  • Setting up and optimizing Kubernetes clusters
  • Training users on how to use and configure Kubernetes
  • Developing custom solutions for specific needs
  • Providing ongoing support and maintenance for large-scale deployments
  • Advising on best practices for using Kubernetes in different cloud environments such as AWS, Google Cloud or Azure.

We also provide tailor-made trainings for teams who strive to learn operating scalable, fault-tolerant, distributed applications while keeping infrastructure management easy.

During our Handling Microservices with Kubernetes Training we work with a microservices architecture and deploy the dockerized services into a Kubernetes cluster, set up application secrets, use load balancers, rate-limiters, take a look at some popular management tools and apply several design principles and best practices coming with microservices.

Kubernetes can be a complex system, but with the right guidance it can become a powerful and reliable platform. We are here to help you make the most of your investment by providing expert advice and training so that you can confidently run your applications in production environments.

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