Node.js is Enterprise Ready

Find out how to use Node.js to ship better enterprise products faster.

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Advantages of Node.js

The Node Package manager has an incredible amount (over 150.000) of modules that can be used instantly. This saves a lot of development effort.

With a microservice-based architecture, the parts of your service can be scaled separately. There are no wasted resources from now on.

Smaller teams and codebases are much easier to handle. Working with microservices allows splitting the team into smaller groups and assigning them specific services that they are responsible for.
Your team will use the same language on the entire stack. All developers can easily understand what is going on, and make changes if necessary.

By allowing the less often used parts to run on less powerful machines, you will spend less money on the infrastructure.

Node.js has a well-established Long Term Support plan, which means that each release is going to be maintained for a period of 30 months.

Enterprises who successfully adopted Node.js

PayPal reported 100% increase in productivity compared to the previous Java stack after switching to Node.js
One of LinkedIn’s biggest win was the 10:1 ratio reduction in the number of machines used to host their services after switching from Ruby on Rails to Node.js
When Dow Jones started implementing Node.js, 100 C# developers had to be reeducated into Node.js developers. A small team of experienced developers created a series of trainings and started to teach the C# team. As a result, Dow Jones was able to release 2x-4x faster, with around 1/10th the amount of code than before.
Walmart served 500 million page views on Black Friday without a hitch. It became possible thanks to the highly scalable nature of Node.js
Using Node.js at Netflix gave a productivity boost to the engineers and improved user experience for the customers.
The video team at the New York Times uses Node.js for both the video API and maintaining the videos. The team tested Node.js for its non-blocking I/O Model capability and they experienced a huge performance boost compared to their PHP application.

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